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How to Pick a Driver

Mark Whitehouse

Over 90% of Golfers play with drivers that are to long and don’t have enough loft. Fact!

If your Swing speed is less than 90MPH which most Golfers are a driver of under 11 degrees has not got enough loft.

Ideally we are looking for a parabolic or rainbow flight. A good example of this is taking a Water pistol and firing it at someone and does not quite reach them, yet if you give it more loft by tilting the gun skywards you probably could. Loft is your friend!

The average swing speed for a driver is 83 mph!!!


Very few Brand named Golf Clubs have lofts over 11 degrees.

Selecting the right loft for your swing may be the most critical decision in driver selection. The common misconception is that lower loft equals more distance. The truth is actually the opposite for most golfers.

Drivers now have deeper face heights which allows more impact area above the Centre of Gravity (CG) of the head.

When the ball is contacted above the CG, there is a gear effect that reduces backspin. This is fine if your clubhead speed is over 100 MPH.

Driver Swing Speed   Suggested Loft
50mph   15-20°
60mph   14-18°
70mph   12-15°
80mph   11-14°
90mph   10-13°
100mph   9-12°
110mph   8-11°
120mph   7-10°

However, the average swing speed below 90mph golfers may need backspin to help him keep the ball airborne and a high launch angle to get it airborne in the first place.

Professional Golfers are now increasing there loft but one or two degrees, so should you.

Selecting the Right Design (model).

Golf Clubs heads have there own characteristics to help you make the right choice.

These are: Trajectory, Forgiveness and Workability.

The two most important performance factors that help most golfers are Trajectory and Forgiveness.

If your natural ball flight is low, look for a driver with a high (HI) trajectory rating. Forget what is written most of the time on a bottom of a club, it might say 9 degrees but if the centre of gravity is forward on the club it will perform like a 7 degree club and visa versa. If you are unsure ask a Professional clubmaker.

If you tend to hit the ball off-centre more often than not, look for a driver head that has a maximum (MAX) forgiveness rating. The general rule is to play the largest driver head you can control.

Many Drivers now have interchangeable weights positioned around the perimeter to allow you to customize your flight pattern.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a driver is bulge and roll, face angle, offset etc. If you are unsure ask a Professional clubmaker.

Length Does Matter.

The average length on Tour for a driver is 44.5 inch's. Most drivers sold by Branded OEM Golf Companies are 45 to 46 inch's long.

What is easier to hit a long golf club or a short one?

What do you think is the difference in distance of a shot between 42 inch's and 46 inch's, which all things being equal and the shaft a different length hit by a robot? 10 yards? 20 yards? 30 yards or even maybe 50 yards?

The answer is an unbelievable two yards! Yes TWO YARDS!! Our advice would be to choose a maximum length of driver you can hit consistently off the centre of the face of the club.

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