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Swingweight is often described as 'the weight a club feels in the hands when it is being swung'. It is not 'a weight' but the 'balance of weight' of the club. It is measured on a swingweight scale which is a 14 inch fulcrum and identifies the ' balance of weight' of a club. The measurement is given in numbers and letters eg D1, C9, E2 etc. The lightest weight measurement being A0 and heaviest being G10.

It is feasible for two clubs to weigh overall the same but differ in swingweight. This is due to the 'balance point' and 'where the weight is being distributed' on the club.

The majority of the Golf club companies build nearly all their men’s clubs to D1 or D2 and Ladies clubs in the mid C range. Some companies don't even swingweight their clubs. Golfclubs4me Ltd swingweight or MOI every club that leaves our workshops and have built clubs from C0 - E5.

How important is swing weight? What swingweight would best suit you personally or to put it another way, how important is the FEEL of the club?

Every golfer has a favourite club in their bag. Why is it their favourite? It is because it 'FEELS' just right and historically it has been the most consistently successful in achieving their objective.

The most vital word in the above statement is 'FEEL'. How a club feels is very important and whilst the majority of golfers not be able to discern the difference of a 2-3 swingweights they most probably would be able to tell if a club felt different.

Commercial Golf club companies build clubs on a basics of one swingweight suits all, but we are all aware one size of suit does not fit all and golf clubs are no different.

As we have mentioned above some companies don't even swingweight their clubs! Have yours been swingweighted? Is there some clubs in your bag you cannot hit as well as others?

If you of average build, average strength and average tempo then a set of D0 to D2 clubs could well fit you. What is average though? As a general rule if a player is physical strong with fast tempo and swing, he or she may play better with clubs that are built to a heavier swing weight and visa versa. If a golfer has the correct swingweight in his/her clubs they will be able to feel the clubhead correctly during a swing. If it is too light the swing could be too fast and visa versa, which would cause off centre hits with the club.

What swingweight would best suit you?

Unfortunately there is no way that this can be precisely measured as it is largely based on individual FEEL. Golfers need to Dynamically test clubs built to different swingweights to find which one they prefer, or identify that favourite club as we discussed earlier, the one that 'feels right' and measure its swingweight. Unlike commercial golf companies GOLFCLUBS4ME does 'precisely' that and focuses its skill through a vast array of highly technical golf fitting equipment and fitting devices such as the Vector Launch system and impact markers on the club face and an extensive choice of the demo clubs to dynamically identify your individual swingweight. Not only can we establish what will best suit you but determine why your favourite club is 'your favourite' i.e. how does it differ from the others in your bag which is a common element in erratic scoring on the course.

Changing the swingweight may well cure one or more swing faults such as countering slicing or hooking and also help achieve that extra distance you have been yearning for and accuracy which we all crave.

We do not claim that by changing the swingweights will ensure that we will rectify all your swing faults because we are realists and we both have to acknowledge that if you do not have the correct swing fundaments then incorrect swingweights could well be exaggerating your current faults but modifying the weights we could well help to neutralize to some extent one or more of those faults.

An example for swingweight helping a Golfer who keeps hitting it thin or topping the ball. Swingweight could be increased by 3-5 points.

Unfortunately swingweight matching is not carried out by some golf manufacturers and a range as high as C8 – D4 can be found in a set of clubs. Every club would feel different to use and would cause inconsistent shots.

Golfclubs4me Ltd makes matching clubs in a set with a tolerance of +/- 1 swingweight.

Also be wary as to what clubs are being swingweighted etc for you, if they do not have what is called a weight port which is an extra hole bored into the hosel of the clubhead which allows weight plugs to be placed low down, the weight added couldl affect the whole dynamics and characteristics of the clubhead. The higher the weight is in the hosel the more the centre of gravity will be drawn towards it. Moving the low centre positioned centre of gravity up and towards the weight at the heel of the club. The vast majority of clubheads today are built without weight ports. Golfclubs4me use a brand of component clubs called 'Snake Eyes' which have weight ports drilled deep in the hosel to allow qualified clubmakers to custom fit and build clubs.

Finally ask yourself this question, what swingweight are ALL your clubs? If they were all swingweighted to your favourite club that would surely be ideal thus making all your clubs your favourite. That's the difference between GOLFCLUBS4ME and the rest!

If you know the answers to the above questions, great! Talk to GOLFCLUBS4ME about making a set of clubs matching your favourite swingweight made up for you. If not why not come and see us at GOLFCLUBS4ME to get the answers you need!!

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